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Money Saving Tips for Mums

Kids can be expensive, and as a mum, finding great money saving tips can make all the difference. As a mum of four children and, having had hard times when money was extremely scarce, I know how crucial it is to find ways to save money. Even now that things are easier, saving money where I can is important as every little helps and, it teaches my children to respect money, how it is earned and how to use it wisely.

Here are my top five money saving tips…

Cook from scratch

Nothing beats the taste of real, home-cooked food, and it’s so much healthier and cost-effective too! One of our favourite meals here in the Nunns household is a large casserole made with lean diced meat and packed out with vegetables – any of your favourites will do, although don’t go for ones that can mush. Don’t forget to add a little meat stock too.
Add some potatoes on the side and you have a hearty meal that all the family can enjoy!

Home-cooking from when children are young is a good idea too as it gets their palette used to lots of different flavours and you will probably find that, as they get older, they will eat pretty much anything, which will save you money and time in the long run.

Create playtime

It can be tempting to buy children lots of toys but before you do, stop and think about creating playtime with what you have around you! Never underestimate the power of a child’s imagination! I can’t count the number of times we have bought one of the children a lovely toy and all they want to do is play with the box!
Children want to play with us, and they love to create. These money saving tips cost nothing… Try building dens from tables, chairs, blankets and bed sheets. One of my kids’ favourite playtime creations is to build a train from cardboard boxes and go on adventures! They love to decorate it too – with little doors and windows! Loo rolls are great too, stick them together, make little people out of them, add feathers, sequins, use your – and their – imagination and see where it leads! You’ll be amazed at what the imagination can create!

Don’t be a brand snob

Another great money saving tip? Venture beyond your local supermarket and usual brands and see the savings pile up… If you’re always reaching for certain brands or only go to certain supermarkets, you are probably missing out on great money savers! Why? Well, budget supermarkets have come a long way and they have some great quality products that are just as good as any of those top brands!

Certain products, such as cleaning products, bin bags, washing powders and loo rolls etc., are often just as good too, just minus the fancy packaging!

Manage your money

It might sound like hard work to shop around for the best deals on everything from utility bills to insurance, daily products to clothes, but price-checking can really add up when it comes to money savings.

Plan ahead

Big occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or holidays can be expensive, but with a little simple forward planning you’ll save money and time too! Don’t leave everything to the last minute and shop around for bargains, use the sales and don’t be seduced by the need for the latest toys or latest trainers, etc.

I hope my top five money saving tips have been helpful and, if you have any of your own you’d like to share we’d love to hear from you! Post your favourites on our Facebook page or have a discussion in the Mum Hub!

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