Meet Terri-Ann Nunns - Co Founder of The Healthy Happy Mum Plan

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Meet Terri-Ann Nunns

Meet Terri-Ann a mother of 4 from Doncaster. Terri-Ann Nunns created a leading diet plan after struggling with her weight for many years due to depression.

Read her story below…

As a mother of four children, Angelo, Aaleyah, Aamaya and Arlo, it’s fair to say I have a busy, chaotic life. I own an online based diet business which I have grown over the last 7 years. It has a staggering 75k+ active members, has been featured in the world’s press and has seen people lose as much as 12 stone.

I created my Terri-Ann 123 Diet Plan in June 2011, in my one-bedroom studio flat in Doncaster, South Yorkshire after a particularly difficult time in my life, but looking back, I can see now, I was always destined to do something like this…

I had always been known as the wild one, enjoying partying and living for the moment. I got married young and I moved to Colchester, Essex to live in my husband’s Army barracks; not long after I fell pregnant with twins.

Although miles from my mum I had a fairly straightforward pregnancy and both myself and my ex-husband, were super excited to be expecting our twins.

Sadly, during the delivery of our babies, my daughter was starved of oxygen and passed away, my son Angelo survived.
It was the most tragic moment of my entire life.

Thinking I could fill the gap, I fell pregnant just three months later with my eldest daughter, Aaleyah. I love all my children so much, but looking back I was incredibly naive, as I hadn’t had the chance to grieve for my baby.

In a poor state, I tried to pretend all was good between John and I and we moved back up to South Yorkshire to start afresh with our children Angelo and Aaleyah. But, not long after we returned, and deep down knowing it was inevitable, my marriage broke down and I was left with two young children in a small, one-bedroom studio flat.

I was in a downward spiral of depression and anxiety. I hit rock bottom.

Luckily for me my mum and friends were there to guide me and help me ensure I could provide the best for my children. I got a part-time job and found my feet as a single mum. But there was a problem that had slowly crept up during this time… In the process of grieving for my baby and the breakdown of my marriage, I had turned to food for comfort – gaining over 7 stone, going from my normal size 8/10 frame to a size 20. I knew I had to do something and, thankfully, that lightbulb moment was just around the corner…

In 2009 I met my current husband Michael Nunns on a night out. The moment I saw him I knew he would be my husband; we clicked straightaway and he was everything I had been missing. Fun, kind and loving, he didn’t care about my extra pounds, but meeting him made me realise I was worth more and I didn’t want or need to turn to food for comfort. I quickly began making changes, re-educating myself on how to eat better, looking at what to eat for effective weight loss and applying simple, yet effective tweaks that made all the difference.

That was the start of my journey and I went on to lose lots of weight. People started to ask how I had lost the weight and the TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan was born!

As I developed the TerriAnn 123 diet plan, it was important that I kept certain things in mind – it had to be real, affordable, and easy for people to follow so they could, like me, achieve great results that last without going hungry.

Life in general can be incredibly difficult anyway, so simplicity is always important to me. Now, working with a team of amazing professionals, including a dietitian and health experts, I have developed the business to where it is today. It’s certainly not been easy but seeing my members’ weight loss results and hearing wonderful weight loss stories keep me going!

I hope you enjoy my new plan as much I have enjoyed creating it.


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