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Activities to do with children 0-5

Are you looking for activities to do with children who are pre-school or reception age? 0-5 year olds are so much fun, they have such a lot of imagination, no inhibitions and are willing to try almost anything! They love to play with other children, but also with their mums and dads.

As a mum of four, with two older as well as two younger, I’m doing it all again with the youngest two and I wanted to share some of the activities to do with children that I have enjoyed (or currently enjoy with the youngest two) over the years…

The Baby Years

Babies love to see colour and hear sounds. As soon as your baby is able to hold things and can sit in a bouncy or high chair, try them with (age appropriate) rattles, squeaky toys and other specially designed toys that will engage them and spark their interest.

You will find that babies respond well to other children and will watch and learn from their older siblings or other children playing, gurgling and laughing in response.

Toddling About

As they start to toddle, their sense of adventure kicks in so when it comes to activities to do with children, think about using toys that develop their motor skills and co-ordination such as building blocks, which also make the most amazing sound to toddlers when they’re knocked over!

Nursery Time

Kids of nursery age start to interact with other children and this is a perfect time to lay down the guidelines of sharing. Messy activities, such as painting and gluing, are perfect, but must be closely supervised. You can also try age appropriate musical instruments – just get ready for lots of noise!

And, as they get older it’s great to see them conjuring up ideas between themselves transporting themselves to imaginary places and fantasy lands.

Starting School

When it comes to starting school there are so many interesting activities to do with children, from simple board games, card games, and games that are educational too are great fun, feeding their appetite for learning and giving answers to all those questions is stimulating and gets them thinking.

Feeling inspired to try new activities with your children? Just remember, what children want most is love and attention so whatever you choose to do, your time and love will make any playtime or activity fun.

If you want to venture out more with your child, whatever their age, there are lots of great places for you to entertain them.

Play areas are great, most places have a reputable one nearby, swimming lessons – either with a parent, other grown up or as part of a group lesson – are great for building confidence and learning a life skill. And let’s not forget the great outdoors. A soft football, hula hoops, hop scotch made with chalk and running games never go out of fashion and, as well as being great fun, gives them fresh air and tires them out!

I hope you have fun playing with your little ones – the times passes so quickly – so, enjoy and savour every minute.

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